Carole’s Story

For many years I worked in a Corporate environment alongside bringing up my three children gradually working my way up through the company to management level, until I was made redundant in 2000. I had always wanted to own and run a village teashop as I love to cook and bake and to be doing that all day sounded like heaven to me. I had cooked since I was a small child with the love and help from my beautiful mum, who was a cook and made the most wonderful meals and cakes. Her Melting Moments were to die for and are still a big favourite in the family although sadly she is no longer with us.

I decided to take the plunge and bought a teashop and for four years I was very happy cooking and baking from morning to evening. I no longer have the teashop but still have the wonderful memories from that time.

I sold the teashop for various reasons, one of which I was I couldn’t find anyone suitable to train as a manager and to take responsibility for the teashop when I needed time off. It became a very busy place and working six days a week from early morning to late evening can take its toll. Time to move on.

I had a Reiki treatment one afternoon to relax and it was wonderful, just loved the relaxed and gentle feeling it left me with, I decided I would have another one the following week to see if it was the same feeling on leaving again and it was, I felt just as relaxed and had a calm feeling inside.

I’d always wanted to make a positive difference to people’s lives, friends always came to me with their problems and after a cup of tea and a chat always left  more positive and I decided that if I trained to be a Reiki Practitioner I would be able to help many other people. I went back to the Reiki Master and booked a course to learn how to become a practitioner.  I’ve never looked back over the last ten plus years I have trained in all levels of Reiki and I am now a Reiki Master Teacher. I also trained as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Teacher and Practitioner and with both these modalities have helped a lot of people make positive changes to their lives.

During all this time the situation between my husband and I was not good and became steadily worse until I had to do something about it. Five years ago I moved in to my friend’s spare room with very little else than my personal belongings that would fit into her room. A few friends looked after some of my cherished possessions but nearly everything else I had needed to go. It was a difficult time especially as many years before I had to do something similar when my first husband and I parted. This time it all seemed far worse.

I am a great believer in Law of Attraction and how it works and I put it to the Universe that I wanted to be back on my feet and made sure I kept my conversations positive – I Am, I Can, and started to live a life I loved one positive step at a time. I had a few windy roads along the way, releasing sadness, fear and old beliefs is not easy at the time but it is worth every step.

Now I live in my lovely flat that overlooks the sea, Karma Violet, my business with therapies, card readings and workshops is good and with Lesley we have brought Purple Conversations to life after many hours of chatting, planning, laughing and a few tears.

I am also a radio presenter on Hailsham FM, another new thing that I love, my signature tune is Robbie Williams – Love My Life………….and I do.



Lesley’s Story

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